Waffen-SS, Street fighter Berlin 1945 Tunic. "Feldgrau"

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SS-Untersturmführer, "Street fighter Berlin 1945" M-36 Uniform with SS-Erbsenmuster Trousers. Unbelievable good authentic repro of Waffen-SS officer "1945 Berlin Last fighting"!

This uniform can also be hand over as:"Das Reich", "Norge", Frw. Leg. Flandern", "Der Führer", "Deutschland", "Germanina", "Nordland" and "Hohenstaufen". 
 The Tunic is supplied with:
- SS-Collar Tabs in silver "SS-Untersturmführer".
- SS Officer sleeve eagle.
- Cuff Title  in silver bullion.
- Norwegian Waffen-SS Arm Flag.
- Ribbon for Iron Cross.-
- Shoulder boards for "SS-Untersturmführer".